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My mantra is "If you want your budget in the black - think green!"

The purpose of this site is to inspire individuals to envision a business model based on environmental stewardship.  

It is imperative that businesses consider environmental limitations because the sustainability of our economy and our society is dependent on environmental integrity to provide raw materials, energy and process wastes.

We are all stakeholders with a vested interest in sustainable business and I invite you to share tools, resources, ideas and inspiration to protect our quality of life. 

This site is my piece of the global marketplace and if you want to learn more about my background just click on the caricature below to go to my LinkedIn profile.  But,  this site is not about me.  It's about you sharing ideas and inspiration to make this site your own. 

Sustainable Business means adopting business strategies that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today, while ensuring that resources will be available to continue the business in perpetuity.

These sustainable business strategies can benefit the bottom line through the reduction of costs and liabilities, improved efficiency and effectiveness, higher customer satisfaction, and improved corporate image.

10 Reasons for Corporate Sustainability

1)  Saves Money - One of the fundamental reasons for implementing sustainable business practices is that it makes good business sense.  Sustainability initiatives help businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness with lower costs, particularly lower energy costs.

2)  Consumer Appeal - Surveys show that companies with strong investments in sustainable practices appeal to a larger global consumer base, which also increases brand loyalty.

3)  It's Good for Big and Small Businesses - Although big businesses might have more opportunities to streamline processes, the effect of running a more efficient business model is likely to have a greater impact on small businesses that operate with a smaller profit margin.

4)  Improves Talent Acquisition - The Millennial Generation (a.k.a. Gen-Y) is moving into the workforce and studies clearly show they are environmentally conscious.  This generation wants to work for companies that engage in sustainable and social programs.

5)  Promotes Leadership - In the past, companies have implemented best practices to avoid regulatory fines; however, today companies  see that sustainability efforts will allow them to become leaders in their field and increase market share.

6)  Enhances Corporate Image and Brand Reputation - Companies that value sustainability will often get free press and systematically foster positive brand awareness and commercial appeal.

7)  Protects Resources - Companies protect their source of raw material and energy through efficiency improvements.  Reduced wastes also reduce costs and protect the capacity of the environment (air, water, land) to receive and process industrial wastes.

8)  Encourages Innovation - Companies with sustainability strategies signal everyone that they value innovation in the marketplace.  Innovative products and services will likely increase revenue and market appeal in addition to encouraging employees to be innovative on the job.

9)  Offers Tax Breaks -  Federal, state, and local governments often provide incentives for companies through production, investment, or consumption-based income tax credit, cash grants, tax exemptions, and depreciation of certain capital expenses.

10)Keeps You Ahead of Regulations -  Given the growing demand for environmental legislation, staying ahead of the curve by implementing proactive, sustainable practices will alleviate many of the logistical and financial challenges of being forced to change business practices driven by regulations.  Staying ahead of regulations puts businesses in the driver's seat, not government.
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What you will find here 

You can find several resouces on the following pages that will help as you develop a sustainability strategy for your organization.  On the Papers & Resources page, you'll find academic papers and government reports in addition to links to various online resources.  On the Sustainability Toolbox page you'll find tools that will help quantify the costs and benefits of your efforts.  The Discussion Board page offers a venue to share your thoughts, insights and concerns with others who are interested in sustainability.  It also lists green job openings at the bottom of the page. Finally, the Green Products page provides links to online stores and purchases made will help support the costs of maintaining this site.

I hope you will find these resources useful.  And I encourage you to share tools, techniques, and insights on best management practices that you have acquired so that others can benefit from your knowledge.  I will be happy to have this site serve as a repository and clearinghouse for all things that promote sustainability!

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