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I believe our quality of life depends on stable and sustainable environmental integrity.  I promote sustainability by bringing like minded people together to promote efficiency.  Let's work together to bring our communities, our economy, and our environment into balance and harmony. 

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Climate Presentation

Annual Litter Grant Report

Litter Grant Overview

Litter Grant Invoicing

Discover Tennessee
Enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural richness along the back roads of Tennessee.  Each community has somthing exciting to offer!  Click on the link above to start your adventure.

Lean Process Management
If you have a business process that delivers inconsistent results or fails to meet the established schedule then Lean Process Management can be the solution.  You can download free process documents for in-house use or click the envelope above to schedule a free consultation.

Step 1

    Pondering Lean  
Step 2
    Picturing Lean 
Step 3
    Planning Lean 
Step 4  
    Preparing Lean
Step 5
   Performing Lean
Step 6
    Post Lean
Step 7
   Processing Lean

Federal Register 2.0 (click to connect)
The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University has recognized the new Federal Register 2.0 with the Bright Idea award.  The new Federal Register brings information to the public in a newspaper style format, organized in six topical sections that makes it easy for anyone to follow.

Library of Papers & Articles

Due to limited storage capacity, the papers are stored off-line.  Click the envelope
above to request any paper and it will be temporarily posted to the New Items
section for download.
   A GIS Model of Aquatic Biotic Integrity
    Asset Management and Adaptation to Climate Change
   Childhood Obesity and the Built Environment - Literature Review
    The Relationship between Children's Health and the Built Environment
   Chocolate Powered Racecar Article
   Clearing the Air on Climate Change - 2014
   Climate Change & Infrastructure Vulnerabilities
   Confronting Climate Change: Analysis of Water Adaptation Costs
   Communicating Climate Change: General Rules of the Road
   Climate Change Transportation Workshop for TDOT
   Economic Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services
   Economics of Policy Options to Address Climate Change
   Effect of Community Design on the Physical Activity of Children
    Energy Fact Book National Academy of Science
   Epic Flood in Tennessee - May 2010
   FHWA Climate Change Handout
   Litter Costs All of Us
   M.A.P. - A Road Map for state DOTs to Address Climate Change
   Moving Cooler - Executive Summary
   Neoclassical and Ecological Economics: A Comparison
   NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act: Slideshow Overview
   Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fact Sheet
   Projected changes of extreme weather
   Report on Managing Travel Demand: European Perspectives in the US
   Sustainability and HCA (healthcare news)
   Sustainable Communities
   Sustainable Transportation & Livable Communities (slideshow)
   Sustainable Transportaion in Tennessee
   Sustainable Transportation Practices in Europe
   Sustaining a Lean and Green Corporate Culture
   The Social Costs of Carbon
   The Story of Freight
   The Road to Livability
   Transportation Demand Management: A Means to a Sustainable End
   Transportation Demand Management Slideshow
   Transportation Planning for Sustainability
   True Cost of Oil
   Volkswagen's 258 mpg Car
   Warming World: Climate Stabilization Targets
   Why Nitrogen Tire Inflation Extends Tire Life 

Leadership Links 
How Great Leaders Inspire - The Golden Circle
    Dancing Man
    The Tribes We Lead

Online Resources     
100 Best Corporate Citizens
100 Most Sustainable Corporations
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
American Council for Energy Efficiency
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
American Planning Association
American Public Transportation Association
APA Style Guide
Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Biodiversity - Conservation International
Biodiversity - Global Issues
Biodivesity - United Nations
Brookings Institute
Bugs - All about bugs!
Business Cases for Sustainability
Business Executives - Green Briefings
Canadian Institute for Climate Studies
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Center for Biological Diversity
Center for Climate Strategies
Center for Intermodal Freight Transportation Studies
Center for Sustainable Business - University of TN
Center for Urban Transportation Research - Univ of South FL
Clean Air Partnership of Middle Tennessee
Clean and Safe Energy Coalition
Clean Fuels Development Coalition
Climate Progress
Climate Science by Climate Scientists
CO2 Balance - Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Collaborative Strategies Group
Cool People Care
Congress for the New Urbanism
County Technical Assistance Service - UT
De Smog Blog - Clearing the PR Cloud on Climate Change
Earth Policy Institute
Earth Trends - Environmental Information
Ecological Economics
Energy Use Forecasting
Energy Information Adminstration
Energy Revolution Blueprint
EnviroLinks-Subject Matter Experts
Environmental Calculators and Modeling Tools
Environmental Council of the States (ECOS)
Environment and Energy News
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental Management Standards-ISO14000
Environmental Valuation
European Renewable Energy Council
Exxon Secrets
FHWA - Bike and Pedestrian Program
FHWA - Carbon Sequestering Project
FHWA - Freight Planning
FHWA - International Programs - Reports
FHWA - Planning and Environmental Resources
FHWA - Travel Demand Management Strategies
Freeways to Fuel
Fuel Economy
Global Institute of Sustainability
Global Warming Early Signs
Glossary of Environmental Terms
Green Building Initiative
Green Car Congress
Green Healthcare
Green Vehicle Buyer's Guide - EPA
Intelligent Energy Europe
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
International Chamber of Commerce
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Policy Attitudes & Public Opinion Polls
International Society for Ecological Economics
International Transportation Forum
It's Getting Hot in Here
Joint Global Change Research Institute
Keep America Beautiful
Keep Tennessee Beautiful
Khan Academy - Learn almost anything for free!
Library of Congress
Local Environmental Quality Data - U.S. EPA
Local Programs Blog - Transportation Projects for local governments 
MAP-21 Summary
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment - 2005
MIT - Fact Sheet on U.S. Transportation Energy
Municiple Technical Advisory Service - UT
NAFA Fleet Management Association
NASA Goddard Institute
National Academy of Sciences
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Center for Bicycling and Walking
National Commission on Energy Policy
National Household Travel Survey
National Institutes of Health
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
National Science Foundation
National Transit Institute
National Transportation Organization Coalition (NTOC)
National Transportation Research Center (NTRC)
New York Time's Andrew Revkin
Oil Price Information Service
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Oxfam International
Partnership for Sustainable & Livable Communities
Pew Center for Climate Change and Energy Solutions - Business
Post Carbon Institute
Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues
RITA Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Re-connecting Transit
Rockerfeller Foundation
Rocky Mountain Institute
Science Blogs
Science Direct
Smart Growth
Sprawl City
Sprawl Watch
Solutions for a sustainable and desirable future
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Sustainable Prosperity
Sustainable Scale Project - sustainable business practices
Sustainable Transportation Action Network (SUSTRAN)
Sustainability Resources at the University of Tennessee
Switchboard NRDC
TDEC Office of Sustainable Practices
Telework Research Network
Tellus Institute
TN Model User Group - TNMUG
TN Traffic History Data
Texas Transportation Institute - Urban Mobility Study
Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee
Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse - U.S. DOT
Transportation Conformity & Air Quality - FHWA
U.N. Conference on Environment and Development - Earth Summit
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Congress - Reports on America's Climate Change Choices
U.S. Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. DoE - Energy Information Administration
U.S. DoE - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
U.S. DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
U.S. DOT Federal Highway Adminstration
U.S. DOT Federal Transit Administration
U.S. DOT Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse
U.S. Energy Association
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Forest Service - Climate Change Resource Center
U.S. General Services (GSA)
U.S. Global Change Research Program
U.S. Government Federal Statistics Program
U.S. Senate Committee - Environment & Public Works
U.S. Society for Ecological Economics
Union of Concerned Scientists
Urban Institute
Watt Head
WBCSD Business Case
Web of Knowledge
Whitehouse - Sustainability Executive Order
World Changing
World Trade Organization
WWF Building a Business Case for Sustainability               

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