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Use these industry specific tools to help quantify the costs-and-benefits of your sustainability efforts.

Agriculture - Sustainable agriculture engages in best management practices to ensure that crops and livestock are brought to market in a manner that meets the needs of society, but that does not have an adverse impact on the natural resources necessary to continue agricultural production in perpetuity.        
          National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
        Sustainable Table
        USDA National Agriculture Library

Environmental Quality - Sustaining environmental quality means protecting the capacity of the natural environment (air, land, and water) to provide resources to meet the needs of society and to process the wastes generated by economic activity without impairing the health of people or the natural systems on which society depends.     

    Air Quality Emission Reduction Cost-Benefit Analyses for CMAQ Projects
          Bike-Ped Methodology
        Bus Replacement Methodology
        Clean Diesel Fuels Methodology
        Diesel Engine Retrofit Methodology
        Freight Shifting Methodology
        Fuel Pricing Methodology
        Heavy Truck Replacement Methodology
        HOV Lane Methodology
        Idle Reduction Methodology
        Incident and Information System Management Methodology
        Inspection and Maintenance Program Methodology
        Locomotive Idling Reduction Methodology
        Locomotive Replacement or Repower Methodology
        Marine Vessel Methodology
        New or Expanded Transit System Methodology
        Park and Ride Program Methodology
        Parking Pricing Methodology
        Rail Electrification Methodology
        Ride Sharing Program Methodology
        Road Dust Reduction Methodology
        Road Pricing Methodology
        Signal and Intersection Improvements Methodology
        Smart Growth Program Methodology
        Speed Control Methodology
        Travel Demand Management Methodology
        Transit Marketing Methodology
        Transit Pricing Methodology
        Transportation Related Equipment Methodology
        Vanpool Program Methodology
        Vehicle Idling Restriction Program Methodology
        VMT-based Pricing Methodology

        Green Infrastructure for Wet Weather Management 
        Green Insfrastructure Model and Calculators
        Water Quality Scorecard
          Sustainable Infrastructure for Water Management 

Government - Government’s role in sustainability is to establish rules such that individuals and businesses are treated fairly and justly while environmental integrity is protected so that future generations have a safe and healthy environment that maintains a high quality of life for society.  And government has a responsibility to practice good stewardship of public funds and public resources; therefore, government agencies should always strive to lead-by-example when it comes to implementing sustainability policies.
Calculators and Modeling Tools
        Clean Energy Resource Database
Climate Protection Manual for Cities
        Energy Calculator Tools
    Funding Options for Governments
            National Directory of Funding Opportunities
            Regional, State and Local Directory of Funding Opportunities
            Sustainable Communities Grants
        Green Power Partnership
Integrating Infrastructure
        Methodologies to Assess Impacts of Infill
          Partnership for Sustainable Communities
          Playbook for Green Buildings and Neighborhoods
        Smart Growth Codes
Smart Growth Toolkit
        Smart Growth and Climate Change
        Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit
        Smart Growth Scorecards
        Smart Growth Zoning
        State and Local Climate and Energy Program
Sustainable Cities Tools
          Sustainability Partnerships

Healthcare - Sustainable healthcare is a noble business endeavor that protects and restores human health to the fullest extent possible, while managing facilities and wastes in an efficient and effective manner such that the quality of healthcare for future generations is maximized and the impact to environmental resources is minimized.
        HCA Sustainability Plan
           Healthcare Energy Calculator  
        Sustainable Healthcare - EPA
        Teleosis - Defining Sustainable Healthcare
        Tenet Corporate Sustainability Report - 2011

Individual - Human beings are social animals and therefore sustainable policies need to be implemented at the societal level.  Nevertheless, social responsibility must begin with the individual who makes the effort to become educated about the facts and then develops a model of personal sustainability that is holistic in nature - living in a way that conserves resources, reduces household wastes and addresses personal health, career, relationships and finances.
Energy Star
        Green Home Tools
        Green Proof Your Home
Household Carbon Footprint Calculator
        Housing plus Transportation Costs Calculator
        Individual Sustainability Commitment
        Kids' Page
        Living with Ed
Walkability Score

Transportation - Sustainable transportation means providing access and mobility in the most efficient and effective manner, while being good stewards of public funds and environmental resources, so that we meet the needs of society today, without exhausting the resources needed by future generations.
Commute Cost Calculator - Michigan DOT
        Environmental Toolkit - FHWA
        Green Driving Tools - U.S. DoE
        Greenhouse Gas Analysis Tools
Green Vehicle Guide
        Land Use and Transportation Planning
Process outline for DOTs - sustainability & climate change
        Rural Transportation Tools
State and Local Transportation Resources
        SmartWay Calculator
        Sustainable Highways Self-evaluation Tool
Stormwater Calculator
        Transit Savings Calculator 
        Transportation and Air Quality
        Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse
Transportation Tools for Realtors

INVEST(Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool) was developed by FHWA as a practical, web-based, collection of voluntary best practices, called criteria, designed to help transportation agencies integrate sustainability into their programs (policies, processes, procedures and practices) and projects.

Tools by business field:

- The primary role of accounting in sustainable business is to quantify information (e.g., full/true costs, performance indicators, material/relevance, etc.) to assist internal decision makers (i.e., management accounting) and to prepare related financial information for external stakeholders (i.e., financial accounting).
Accountability Accounting
        Accounting for Sustainability
        American Association for Budget and Program Analysis
        Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research
        Cost-Benefit Estimator
        Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting
        Full Cost Accounting
        Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
        IFAC Financial Reporting Supply Chain Survey
        IFAC Sustainability Framework
        International Accounting Standards Board
        Material-Relevance Accounting
        Trends in Integrated Reporting

- Economics is the study of how people choose to use resources.  Sustainable economics seeks to understand what incentives affect behavior and how to structure economic drivers to promote a more efficient and effective use of resources.  When society is engaged in unsustainable activities, you can almost always identify costs that are treated as externalities by the decision makers and if the full and true costs were included in the decision making process then behavior would shift to a more sustainable model.
Green Economics Institute
        National Center for Environmental Economics

Entrepreneurs - Small and medium sized businesses have a significant impact on our economy because of their sheer numbers.  Although the scale of each sustainability initiative might be small the positive impact on a small business will be significant because the profit margins are often narrow and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness have a meaningful effect.
The Efficient Entrepreneur Tool

Ethics and Corporate Governance - If other business fields (accounting, finance, etc.) are pieces of the sustainability puzzle then ethics would be the "glue" that holds these pieces together.
Ethics Resource Centre
        Institute for Corporate Ethics
        Principles for Business

Facilities Management - Green building principles involve efficient use of materials and energy in facility construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition.
Best Practices for Benchmarking Energy Efficiency Programs
       e2 Calc - calculates energy efficiency of buildings
       EPA Green Buildings
         Energy Star
Green Buildings
       Green Building Components
High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines - NYC
       LEED Buildings
Finance - Financial institutions impact how capital is allocated in various economic activities and this can have a significant effect on the sustainability of markets.

        FTSE4Good Index
        Sustainable Investing
        Social Investment


Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
- Everything comes down to people.  Sustainable business strategies can help attract innovative and passionate employees and ensure that these principles are integrated into the business decisions that govern the actions of the organization.
Institute for Sustainable Communication
        Creating a Sustainability Culture

Marketing - Marketing is about communicating the merits of a product or services to the consumer.  For many perception becomes reality.  The role of marketing in sustainable business must be to help consumers see green products as "normal", not to green-wash normal products to make them seem green.
Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability
       Fair Trade Federation
Operations - Operations management in the sustainable business model involves looking at process, products, resources and wastes throughout the entire life-cycle in an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize impact. 
Lean Process Management
        Six Sigma Quality Management

Risk Management - Business is a reward for risk venture.  However, risk has an adverse impact on all aspects of business and the enterprise must endeavor to minimize risk in the effort to ensure the business organization is sustainable.
        Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
        Environmental Standards - ISO 14000               

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